Management & Advisors

A renowned team of researchers and entrepreneurs heads Lewis Rhodes Labs. With backgrounds in Neuroscience, chip technology, software and Cyber analysis, LRL is breaking all the rules of cyber analysis and detection.

David Follett LRL CEO and Co - Founder

Dave Follett is a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive with a long history of bringing innovative new technologies to market. He previously founded GigaNet which revolutionized high performance network interfaces. David has numerous patents in a variety of fields.

Dr. Pamela Follett MD, MPH Neuroscientist and Co-Founder

Pam Follett is a co-founder and Director of Neuroscience for Lewis Rhodes Labs. She is a Pediatric Neurologist and research neuroscientist who specializes in disorders of early brain development. She is currently on the faculty at Tufts University, where she teaches developmental neuroscience. Her neuroscience research is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Daniel Geer SC.D CISO for In-Q-Tel LRL Advisor

Dan Geer is a computer security analyst and risk management specialist. He is recognized for raising awareness of critical computer and network security issues before the risks were widely understood and for ground-breaking work on the economics of security.

Ted Julian Serial Entrepreneur LRL Advisor

Ted Julian is a well-known, highly regarded figure in the security and compliance markets. Over the last 12 years, he has conceived and launched multiple successful security start-ups across software, hardware and professional services.

Michael Vahle CIO Sandia National Laboratories LRL Advisor

Mike Vahle, recently retired, was VP of IT and CIO at Sandia National Laboratories where he managed Sandia's information technology and cyber security operations. In prior roles, Mr. Vahle was Director of Operations for the Defense Systems & Assessments Unit where he oversaw the development of $750M in advanced technology solutions for the Department of Defense.