Revolutionize Data Potential

Search petabytes of data in minutes with self-searching enterprise storage. No indexing or predicting.
Just find the data, in the storage, when it's needed.

Responsible Impact

Responsible Impact

High speed, low power processing shrinks carbon footprint.

Evaluate Efficiency

Accelerate Applications

Accelerate Applications

Restore value to search-bound analytics in cyber, graph, data labeling, and more.

Find Results Faster

Realize Data Value

Realize Data Value

Harness surging data volumes and better utilize increasing data.

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Self-Searching Enterprise Storage

Big Data volumes are overwhelming current computer systems, resulting in huge stores of under-utilized data.  Optimization of data usage requires a new approach that decreases data movement, where indexes are unnecessary, and where search speed scales linearly with data volumes.

Distributing rapid search capacity into storage addresses all these possibilities.

NPUsearch™ technology completes full content, regular expression search of up to petabytes of data in storage in minutes.  Only the targeted data files ever have to leave the storage, sparing the time and power demands of data movement, while greatly reducing network bottlenecks.  Local search capacity increases in parallel with data so search time stays constant.  More data, same time to search.

NPUsearch™ raw data scan is blazingly fast, saves the time and space of indexing, and reduces ingest costs.  Search time does not increase with data type or query complexity.  More complex expressions take the same time to search.

NPUsearch™ technology powers Extreme Search™ products.


Introducing Extreme Search™

Extreme Search Advantage

Access your data faster, cheaper, and with less power. It’s that simple.

Accelerate Analytics 100X

Speed up existing analytics with rapid data targeting.

50% CapEx/OpEx for active data

5-year analysis for 1 TB/day cost comparison with cloud options

Decrease CO2 footprint

Improve ESG with low power, high performance compute.

Customer Experience

“Our ability to collect data has far exceeded our ability to analyze it for some time. By making storage self-searching, Extreme Search efficiently identifies targeted data at its source in a fraction of the power, cost and time. Extreme Search’s ability to detect, repel, defeat or mitigate threats makes it an important tool in our toolbox.”

~ John Zepper, Executive Director and CIO, Sandia National Laboratories

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More data. More storage. Same search time.