Extreme Search™ Architecture

Search data in storage. Only move targeted data.

Access petabytes of data in minutes. No indexing required.

Match Search Capacity to Data Accumulation


ETL technology is easily overwhelmed by current data accummulation rates, forcing unpleasant compromises. Infrastructure and CPU costs are growing excessively with larger data volumes. Limits on ingest and indexing restrict timely visibility on data. Loss of resolution on sparse events is problematic but full content search on unindexed data lakes may take days.

Big Data

Data is accummulating faster than accessibility.


Storage can be inexpensive but impossible to use efficiently.

Improved accessibility is expensive and even modern indexing methods scale poorly.

Data volume keeps increasing as does support infrastructure. Current architectures struggle to meet the demands of Big Data. The data movement requirements for traditional CPU-based search may be power limited and unsustainable when data volumes are high and targets of interest are sparse.

Limiting storage-to-CPU/GPU transfer to only target-rich files may be game-changing.


EXTREME SEARCH™ systems address the escalating mismatch between data accumulation and search capacity. Network demands are reduced with distributed compute. Self-searching storage, with search integrated directly into modern SSD storage systems, requires less infrastructure support.

EXTREME SEARCH™ provides rapid, high-resolution access to data with less network involvement and no indexing overhead.

Extreme Search™

Big Data needs a new kind of search.


Extreme Search™ systems integrate search capability directly into modern SSD storage.

Rapid regular expression search in storage replaces high indexing burden, heavy network demands, and massive infrastructure requirements of CPU-based search. Servers can stand alone or as part of a hybrid cloud solution.

The distributed file system supports single or multiple servers and can be integrated into SIEM and other data management packages. Supported dashboards look similar to the user but run substantially faster with Extreme Search™ supplying real time access to targeted data.


EXTREME SEARCH™ only moves targeted data, supporting centralized access for analytics at dispersed data centers.

EXTREME SEARCH™ self-searching enterprise storage is scalable, requires minimal infrastructure support, and grants rapid, high-resolution access to data. No matter where you need to store it.

Search is Local

Self-searching storage means search happens where the data already is. The unique capacity for rapid, local search enables Extreme Search to support centralized analytics across geographically dispersed data centers. Scans generate results locally in minutes and move only the targeted data across the network.


Fast. Scalable. Sustainable.