Samsung Case Study

Searching raw data is about to get MUCH faster. Thanks to Lewis Rhodes Labs’ revolutionary NPUsearch, developed in conjunction with Samsung and Xilinx, the time to search petabytes of data is reduced from days or weeks to about 25 minutes. This will drastically reduce the expense of recovering from breaches and open up countless opportunities

FMS 2020 Press Release

Xilinx and Samsung announce SmartSSD computational storage platform, featuring LRL  search-in-storage solution.  Computational Storage Drives move compute closer to storage for accelerated data processing speed and efficiency.  Lewis Rhodes Labs applies novel neuromorphic processing with the SmartSSD CSD to find “needle-in-a-haystack” data from large data lakes by searching petabytes in minutes. LRL’s deterministic processing accelerates

Introducing: NPUsearch

SEARCH-IN-STORAGE APPLIANCE NPUsearch supports rapid, scalable content search of Big Data in storage, providing an innovative solution to a significant unsolved problem.  See Product Brief for more information.


Fast. Scalable. Sustainable.